Java Beginners

Get to know the basic of Java programming

9 sessions from 28th Mar 2021 - 13th Apr 2021

Course description Java Beginners course

As part of the EduRef course offering, we offer refugees and other migrants a free introduction into the world of programming. But why should you learn programming at all? The share of IT in German economic output is higher than the share of the automotive industry. Programming is becoming more and more important, as most career starters need a basic understanding of IT.

For our courses we use the programming language Java. It can be used very flexible and is platform-independent. Nevertheless, it is easy to learn and thus, for example, is also taught in the first semester of the study programms Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at KIT.

We cover the following topics:

  • Variables
  • Calculations
  • Comments
  • Input and output
  • If- / else- conditions
  • Loops
  • Arrays

With these topics we want to give you a basic understanding of an object-oriented programming language. We learn to write our own simple programs. In addition, the course offers a good opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and tutors. The course ends with a social event.

Previous knowledge in programming is not required.

Facts about the course

  • Course language: German
  • Previous knowledge: Basic knowledge of German, basic knowledge about Zoom
  • Dates: 8 sessions of two hours in the evening
  • Computer: you need to have your own computer as the course will be online
  • Registration: required, see form below


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