Fun Facts about us!

Posted on 30th of January 2019

Did you know...?

Since the initial meeting of a few interested and motivated students in summer 2015 a lot has happened. Originally, the idea of offering programming courses for refugees came from two PhD students at the KIT. With the help of some tutors of the study program "Basics in Programming I" for Industrial Engineers, they further developed their idea and first set up a teaching program for Java Basics. In the meantime EduRef has become an voluntary association with more than 30 members and 16 courses held so far! In addition to the Java Beginners courses, the offer has been constantly expanded and since 2018, for example, there has been an Office Beginners course, which has recently grown in popularity.

More Fun Facts* about EduRef can be found here:

The facts stated here are based on internal data and are partly estimated [January 2019].