Working Weekend MINDSTORMS

The robots are coming!

Posted on 27th of June 2019

A humming noise fills the building at Kronenplatz when six Lego MINDSTORMS robots set themselves in motion simultaneously. The students watch in fascination as the robots approach the edge of the table and finally come to a stop. Just gone well again!

Our fourth course is designed to make programming hands-on - with the help of six newcomers with whom our tutors became familiar this weekend. After sorting the parts, they select the model to be programmed. It is similar to a car, has pressure, colour and infrared sensors and can be programmed via MINDSTORMS development environment. The concept of loops or If-else branches can be learned in an appealing way, the robot is controlled depending on the input variables of its sensors.

Daniel and Vinzenz from the Innovation team coordinate the development of the new course. After the first experiences on this weekend, the course materials will follow in the coming weeks: slides, exercises, possibly a course for the robots programmed by the participants. So there is still a lot of work to do before the course can finally start - we are looking forward to it!